Mackrodt Brands & Media

  • Ambassadors & Diplomats Society

    The exclusive network of ambassadors and diplomats who are organizing social get-togethers, trips and cultural events for members of the diplomatic community with its over 120 embassies and missions in Berlin and Germany and strive to deepen links with their counterparts in the Federal German Ministries. It is our aim to encourage and strengthen global cultural exchange, tolerance and understanding. We believe in the power of international networking and friendship across borders – so if you would like to enjoy fellowship with like-minded diplomatic colleagues and discover your new posting here in Berlin from a unique angle, we would like to particularly encourage you to join Diplomatischer Stammtisch!

  • The Candle Flakes Company

    When you feel something extraordinary, a rush of excitement, awe and wonder. Moments that make us cry with joy, that make us laugh until our tummies hurt, times we can't wait to experience again and again. Then you have to meet the highest and most luxerious interpretation of a Candle in the world. Pure vegan German manufactured and protected Candle Flakes® mixed with 24K Gold give you the most unique and less smoking, big burning flame in combination with one of the most nameable German handcrafted mouth blown glass cylinders. A Candle that has the ability to seamlessly integrate into already amazing locations and even more emphasizing their beauty with it's unique and warm natural light.