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The hottest fresh superfood start-up in Germany, that makes fresh homegrown wheat and barley grass available for you, wheather you have a green thumb or not. The first ready to grow Eadible Green Superfood Cups, made with passion in Germany. Elite-seeds meet high quality soil in one Cup for a new Level of Energy.

We believe that fresh organic self harvested foods are the best.

The Journey of the BaliCup

One of our home-grown innovation projects - from the idea „how to buy fresh wheatgrass online and harvest at home“ to providing fresh wheatgrass online that can be harvested at home. What sounds profound at first resulted in a 3 year project of process innovation, product design and hours of delicious recipe creation.

With „BALICUP -  Green is my vodka“ a new product and lifestyle brand is born to make healthy sexy again.