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The highest and most luxurious interpretation of a candle in the world.

At the beginning there was just a Snow-withe wax Flake 

At the beginning our customer simply had a product - a snow-white vegan wax flake, special in its properties and manufacturing process.Looking at this extraordinary material it became our mission, to determine the full potential of this unique material and tell its story to the world.

From strategic marketing analysis, target group definition, creating the brand to designing the final shape of the product, our team focused all its creativity and inspiration to bring a simple wax flake to life. We looked at the product's properties and analyzed its strengths and weaknesses. Highlighting the strengths, elegant beauty, high quality, sustainable value and the limitless variety of using the flakes are now the foundation of its identity - INSPIRING.EXCLUSIVITY. Overcoming its theoretic weakness, the necessity of being contained in a vessel, we turned it into a USP and found the perfectly matching partner. The result is an absolutely inspirational product line. The combination of flakes, handmade glass and 24K gold create a new way of enjoying candle light.

A story of inspiration, beauty and light, that we tell to the world - expressed in corporate identity, homepage and customer documents - brought to life by high resolution photography and social media coverage.